Void Blade

Void Blade Void Star An astronomically heavy katana. It is forged from dark matter.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 600–700 (average: 650)
Projectile Speed 0 tiles/second
Lifetime 2.1 seconds
Range 6 tiles
Acceleration 20 tiles/second2 after 1.25 seconds
Max/Min Speed 10 tiles/second
Effect(s) Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Rate of Fire 30%
On Equip -5 DEX
XP Bonus 6%
Feed Power 750

Game animation

UT. Void Blade animation

This weapon has the second highest base damage in game, being beaten by the Blade of Ages by 350 damage.

This is a very odd weapon, as it has 0 initial range. When fired, the projectiles will linger in place for a little bit before accelerating forward, with its actual range being only 0.12 tiles shorter than a Ray Katana. This makes it very unwieldly as a primary katana, but it shines in situations where enemies have very predictable movement, such as when they chase after you, follow fixed paths, or stand still altogether. Because of its insane base damage, it can output a staggering amount of DPS despite its sluggish fire rate, with its sheer base damage often being able to render enemy DEF irrelevant.

It also has applications against enemies with invunerability phases. Due to the lingering shots, one could switch to this Katana during an enemy’s invunerability, fire several shots, then swap to a different katana as the invunerability ends. The resulting damage can annihilate enemies much faster than if one were to only use other Katanas.

Before Exalt Version (Dec 2020), this item had the following sprites:
Void Blade (old)Void Star (old)

Before Exalt Version, this item’s shots had no acceleration, instead having 0 range and remaining in place. As the page for the old version of this weapon was the longest page written for an item on the wiki, the notes about its previous usage have been preserved for posterity. Note that many of these tips may no longer be valid (although some may be assimilated into the current notes after testing).

This is a very odd weapon, as it has 0 range. When using this katana, the projectiles just float where they were shot at, acting like bombs. This makes it a not very practical primary katana, but it can see use in places where minions chase after you, such as Oryx’s Castle and the Abyss of Demons. Due to this weapon’s extraordinarily high damage, it can be used to output DPS exceeding that of an un-buffed Warrior with a T12 Sword of Acclaim, with the enemy’s defense essentially being irrelevant due to its high damage and low fire rate; however, this can be done only very situationally, due to the aforementioned issue with the projectiles lacking any kind of movement. Because of this situationality, this weapon requires high skill and in-depth knowledge of enemy movement and behaviour patterns to use effectively. When used correctly, this weapon is capable of building up damage while enemies are invulnerable, and it can even kill certain enemies instantly, skipping phases and death animations.

Due to it’s ability to build up damage, as well as leave lingering shots really far away, this weapon is very useful when fighting the endgame boss Oryx the Mad God 3. It is useful in building up damage during phases where he cannot be damaged by stacking shots in a single place and then luring him into the shots once he is damageable. Another strategy is simply leaving lingering shots around the bossroom and waiting for him to step onto them, safely dealing damage while being as far away as possible. Other strategies include stacking Void Blade shots in the middle of the room, and waiting for his “mid reset”. There are other, riskier and much more difficult strategies, such as using the Void Blade to deal massive damage during his “Celestial Strength” phase by leaving lingering shots in his rotation path and backing off, then repeating this process while dodging his shots until the phase ends. Strategies like these should not be attempted without high skill, lots of experience and massive confidence in ability to dodge alongside having perfectly understood the strategy. Example of this specific strategy can be found here.

This katana is very useful for test chests as simply throwing on a dex ring and standing on top of it can smash through its health very quickly. Additionally, this weapon is useful for cracking a crystal, but be careful of the shotgun.

Perhaps the best use of the Void Blade is in the new The Third Dimension dungeon. The bosses’ geometrical-inspired patterns lend themselves incredibly well to the stationary shots of this weapon. The Shadow Cube Blaster’s “conga line” phase and “rectangular chase” phase, and the Tesseract Goddess’s “split” phase and multiple 4 rotating minion phases are all incredibly predictable and telegraphed. Firing shots in the paths of these enemies will lead to massive damage.

The Void Blade is also excellent at killing Dr. Terrible, as he does not directly fire shots. However, you still need to watch out for Terrible’s potions and turrets. The weapon is also useful for the Gulpord fight, when it splits into different bodies. The rotating middle four and the minis on the sides of the rooms will slide right over your shots in predictable paths.

The updated Snakepit Guard can be killed instantly as it spawns using the Void Blade by simply leaving a large amount of shots on the spawning platform and quickly walking up to the activation plate (however, this requires you to leave enough shots and have an Exaltations Mastery damage bonus). Ancient Ruins may also be a good place for this weapon, as the Genie, Magic Lamp, and Ancient Spirits all have predictable/unmoving patterns. They can also be instantly killed by making them walk over lots of Void Blade shots.

Another (arguably) amazing use for this weapon is in the Tomb of the Ancients, because the bosses just circle around (making it very easy to predict their movement). You can circle around in front of the boss’s pathway and have them run into your shots. Be careful when attempting to perform a “clean” Tomb, as the lingering shots may activate the other bosses. All of the Tomb of the Ancients bosses can be instantly killed upon activation, granted you have enough players using the Void Blade alongside multiple buffing classes, such as Warrior and Paladin. Unlike other bosses where shots that hit while invulnerable are wasted, the unactivated Tomb of the Ancients bosses are different enemies, and the “real” bosses spawn on top of them when they activate, meaning that the Void Blade shots will register even if they have been stacked on top of the unactivated bosses.

A variety of other bosses with predictable movement can also be instantly killed, and these include (but are not limited to) Limon the Sprite Goddess, Avalon the Archivist, The Puppet Master, Grave Caretaker, Daichi the Fallen, Lord Ruthven (Only skipping his last phase), Xolotl the Lightning God (Skipping his final survival phase), Nikao the Azure Dragon, Feargus the Obsidian Dragon aswell as the endgame Oryx’s Sanctuary miniboss Treasurer Gemsbok. Many of these may require Exaltation Mastery, rigorous strategy and multiple players to achieve, while others can be done solo. Many more bosses are possible to be killed instantly, but these examples listed here are ones that have a recorded instant kill. Some bosses, such as Chief Beisa have a theorized instakill, but are likely not possible due to them being protected from being instantly killed by oneshot protection, such as the tag “AlwaysPositiveHealth” that does not allow the boss to die without the server telling it to do so.

Other cases where this weapon would be nice are when you are fighting things that spawn (e.g. Candyland bosses), chase (e.g. Ice Adept) or have otherwise predictable movement (e.g. the Twilight Archmage in its 3rd phase). Enemies that spawn in with Invulnerable may not be immediately affected by stacking shots, and as shots can only hit once, they may be wasted.

This weapon may be a reference to the “The Ninja Sword of Nowhere” in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.