Kusanagi Kusanagi Slash An awe-inspiring sword gifted to only the most worthy mortals from the highest heavens, channeling gales of wind in the hands of the blameless.

Tier 14
Shots 1
Damage 170–220 (average: 195)
Projectile Speed 13 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.365 seconds
Range 4.75 tiles
Effect(s) Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Power Level 200
XP Bonus 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 950
Base Reroll Cost 380 Green Dust
Upgrade Cost 2000 Red Dust

Loot Bag Assigned to Red Bag
Tier Grouped Drops Oryx the Mad God 3
Kitsune Umi

A remarkably powerful end-game Katana which has unrivaled damage among all piercing Katanas except Valor, which will always comfortably outdamage it, even when affected by the Valor’s ATT reduction proc.

The Enforcer outdamages Kusanagi up to 85/90/81 DEF assuming both shots hit, while the Celestial Blade will always outdamage Kusanagi due to its superior maximum damage and tighter damage range. However, these UT Katanas do not pierce through enemies, allowing Kusanagi to stay relevant when crowd-clearing.

In Exalt Version (July 2020), the item was released as a drop from Oryx the Mad God 3, along with the other T14 weapons, T7 abilities, and T15 armor.

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2022), this item dealt 165-210 damage and had a 7% XP bonus.

The T14 katana, which was previously unobtainable, was added to the game in Patch X.16.0 (Aug 2017), but the katana and projectile sprites were made black squares to reflect the item’s status as unreleased.

The Realm Eye says:
Incredible that a mortal would know of such a weapon. Very well, I shall tell you what I know.
The eastern realms are united under the icon of this katana, which has long been accounted in legend as a powerful weapon whose swings control the wind and can slay the immortal.
It was gifted from the heavens unto mortals for some unknown purpose, but I can say that those who are unworthy of even seeing this gift may be stricken from life by divine judgment.