Please note this content is currently Unreleased and not available to obtain in-game other than through administrator powers.

Kusanagi Kusanagi Slash An awe-inspiring sword gifted to only the most worthy mortals from the heavens themselves.

Tier 14
Shots 1
Damage 150–190 (average: 170)
Projectile Speed 13 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.365 seconds
Range 4.75 tiles
Effects Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Fame Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 950

Loot Bag Assigned to Red Bag
Drops From Unreleased Content


This item is the T14 katana, which is currently unobtainable. It was added to the game in Release X.16.0, but the katana and projectile sprites were made black squares to reflect the item’s status as unreleased.

The Realm Eye says:
Incredible that a mortal would know of such a weapon. Very well, I shall tell you what I know. The eastern realms are united under the icon of this katana, which has long been accounted in legend as a powerful weapon whose swings control the wind and can slay the immortal. It was gifted from the heavens unto mortals for some unknown purpose, but I can say that those who are unworthy of even seeing this gift may be stricken from life by divine judgment.
Tier 14 Weapons
NOTE: The T14 weapons are classified as “unreleased” and are unobtainable in the current version of the game. Only accounts with the ability to summon items have access to these weapons.