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Orb of Conflict

Orb of Conflict This orb of ancient bloodstone has a dark reputation of twisting those that wield it.

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 100
Effects: Stasis on enemies, Speedy and Damaging on self
Stasis Radius: 3 sqares
Stasis Duration: 7 seconds
Speedy & Damaging Duration: \begin{cases}2&\text{wis}<30\\2+\frac{\text{wis}}{75}&\text{wis}\geq30\\\end{cases}   seconds
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
Stat Bonus: +2 ATK, +2 DEX
Fame Bonus: 6%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 750

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Skull Shrine


An extremely rare untiered orb, the Orb of Conflict has the longest stasis time of any orb. Unlike most other Orbs, the Orb of Conflict does not inflict Curse. This Orb initially had a 5 second cooldown, however was reduced by Deca in order to make it a more attractive option compared to the ST Soul of the Bearer.