Last updated: X.15.0.0

Titanum is an enemy found in the The Shatters.




  • Normal: 15,000
  • Bridge: 10,000 (+20% [2,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)

DEF: 50
EXP: 600
Location: The Shatters

Counts to God Kills

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Does Not Attack


Remains stationary and spawns minions after a small interval of time. There is no limit to the number of minions it can spawn, so if you are unable to take it down quickly, you risk being overwhelmed.


Stone KnightStone Knight
Stone MageStone Mage

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Tips and Strategies

Fighting a spawner is effectively the same as fighting a Stone Mage, see the stone mage tips section for details and apply the same strategy here.

Ranged classes that make use of piercing weapons are invaluable too. The Crystal Wand, any tiered wand or Doom Bow should be your weapon of choice to hit both the Titanum and its spawns at the same time.

Just like the Stone mage, approach to close range and stop moving. Within this space you are immune to attacks from all the spawns created by the Titanum. Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to get in position, so be careful or you will take plenty damage. See below for an example of this.

WARNING: If you are the only one near a Titanum, DO NOT cloak with your rogue or use Ghost Rum, as this will cause the Titanium to spawn an extremely large number of stone mages and knights at an extremely fast rate, potentially leading to a failed Shatters or even DEATH.


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