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Spectral Cloth Armor

Spectral Cloth Armor
Spectral Cloth Armor: A ghostly fabric from the other side.

Tier: Untiered
Stat Bonuses: +3 ATT, +14 DEF, +3 SPD, +3 DEX
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 650

Drops From:
Davy Jones

This armor is usually worn to maximize attack on characters where DPS is the main concern, at the expense of defense. If you are looking forward for a higher-risk-higher-reward type of playstyle, look no further than this armor.

A common use of this is armor is with Archers with maxed attack alongside the Doom Bow, the Quiver of Thunder, and the Ring of Unbound Attack to achieve a fearsome 92 Attack with the third most powerfully-damaging projectile in the game, after the Void Blade and Indomptable.

Another great use of this armor would be to put it on a ninja with The Forgotten Crown and the Void Blade to achieve an extremely strong 82 attack with the strongest projectile in the entire game.