Leaf Dragon Hide Armor

Leaf Dragon Hide Armor Light armor crafted from the hard-as-steel leafy scales of a Leaf Dragon.

Tier UT
On Equip +13 DEF, +50 HP, +6 SPD, +5 VIT
Reactive Proc On Ability Use: DEF↑ DEF boost (+15 DEF) for 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 15 seconds
XP Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 700
Forging Cost 90 Rare Material / 120 Common Material / 720 Forgefire / 1 Mark of the Wyvern
Dismantling Value 30 Rare Material / 40 Common Material
Unlock Slot Cost 1750 Purple Dust

Blueprint Dragon Hide Blueprint
Obtained Through Grand Bazaar ( Fame 6825 /  Realm Gold 650)

This armor is an interesting piece of equipment that, in comparison to the T14 Wyrmhide Armor, sacrifices 6 DEF and 6 DEX for 50 HP, 6 SPD, and 5 VIT, making it a rather situational armor to use. However, its proc gives it the ability to periodically grant a large amount of DEF when using abilities, mitigating the loss somewhat.

It can be quite useful on dagger classes due to their already high dexterity. This makes the loss of 6 DEX compared to Wyrmhide Armor not so bad, because you will already have 75 upon maxing. It pairs great with a ring that compensates its lack of DEF, such as the Ring of the Pyramid or Bracer of the Guardian. The speed and defensive proc can be helpful for rushing, and the health bonus is always welcome.

It can still be useful when attempting to get 1000+ total HP without fully compromising your DEF with the Luminous Armor. When paired up with a Prism of Dancing Swords and a Ring of Decades on a Trickster, you can achieve that goal.

Both the Water Dragon Silk Robe and Fire Dragon Battle Armor, from the same dungeon, are comparatively more offensive.


  • The stat bonus for this armor was +18 DEF and +6 DEX. This item was originally meant to be the T14 leather armor, replacing the (then unreleased) Wyrmhide Armor.
  • In a hotfix prior to Release 12 (Mar 2013), all existing Leaf Dragon Hide Armors were transformed into Cheater Light Armors.
  • On Release 22.0.0 (June 2014) all the armors were added again.
  • Before Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020), this item had a Feed Power of 450.
  • Before Exalt Version (May 2021), this item had a WIS bonus of +3, a VIT bonus of +3, and didn’t have a reactive proc. It also had the following sprite:
    Leaf Dragon Hide Armor (old)