Follower of Valus

Last updated: X.26.0.0
Follower of Valus

The Follower of Valus is an enemy that is found in the Lost Halls.



HP: 5,000 (+20% [1,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 30
XP: 750
Location: Lost Halls

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Cultist Dark Shot
Darkness for 3s


Maintains a fair distance between itself and players while firing rings of Dark Shots. Every few seconds, summons 1 Fire Demon, 1 Ice Demon and 1 Lightning Demon around him.

The Follower of Valus is mildly uncommon compared to the other Cultists and gives more XP. It shares this trait with the Follower of Phaedra.


Fire DemonFire Demon
Ice DemonIce Demon
Lightning DemonLightning Demon
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Tips and Strategies

While he is relatively harmless compared to the other enemies in the dungeon, he makes up for his slow shots with the ability to constantly summon Demons. Take him out as soon as possible to cut off the stream of Demons.


In the Cultist notes in lore, they talk about seven different colleagues, in contrast to the five leaders that are fought within the hideout. It is presumed that Valus and Phaedra were the ones standing too close to the Colossus when the Void Entity took control of it, causing them to be vaporized.
According to what the follower does, it could be noted that Valus’s main status effect would have dealt Darkness.

The Realm Eye says:
Very few documents have it on record, but the necromantic organization of the Lost Halls was originally a team of seven leaders, not five. I know little of what role Valus had among his colleagues, but he was a specialist in dark magic. He and Phaedra stood too close to the Marble Colossus when the Void Entity invaded. As soon as the rift opened, they were vaporized instantly.