Treasure Pot (Lost Halls)

Last updated: X.26.0.0
Treasure Pot

The Treasure Pot is an object that is found in the Lost Halls. Not to be confused with Treasure Pot (Cave of a Thousand Treasures).



HP: 4,000 (+20% [800 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 0
XP: 0
Location: Lost Halls

Immune to Stasis

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A number of these are found in special rooms within the Lost Halls. They do not move or attack, and when broken drop various consumables and Stat Pots.

When broken, there is a chance that an Evil Spirit will spawn from it and attack.

One of the pots will have a passive pink flame that will teleport to the Agonized Titan’s chamber. Once 5 of these flames have been gathered, the Agonized Titan will be awakened and will activate in 45 seconds.


Evil SpiritEvil Spirit

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Tips and Strategies

Spread out your damage evenly so that you have a chance at loot from all of them. Be wary of the Evil Spirits that may come out: they can easily perma-petrify players.