Heart of Gold Prism

Heart of Gold Prism It’s said that love lasts three years… this angel didn’t get the memo.

Sprite Credits: Lovens

Tier UT (Limited)
MP Cost 60
Effect(s) Teleport to cursor and spawns a moving decoy at original position.
Decoy Distance 8 tiles
Decoy Move Time 0.9 seconds
Duration Total: 3 second(s)
XP Bonus 6%
Feed Power 500
Dismantling Value 5 Rare Material / 20 Common Material

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From The Gardener
Valentine’s Flower
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

This prism was a reskin of the T0 Decoy Prism and has the same stats that the Decoy Prism had before it was buffed. It currently has the same decoy duration and distance as the Decoy Prism, but the decoy moves to position slightly (0.1 seconds) slower, and thus remains still for slightly shorter compared to the Decoy Prism.

The decoy explodes in a heart-shaped particle effect similar to the Hearticles.

The decoy has the following sprite:
Heart Decoy

This is what the decoy looks like when it explodes:

Before Exalt Version (Aug 2021), this item was soulbound.