Heart of Gold Prism

Heart of Gold Prism It’s said that love lasts three years… this angel didn’t get the memo. Sprite Credits: Lovens

Tier: UT (Limited)
MP Cost: 60
Duration: 4 seconds
Effect: Summons a heart decoy.
Fame Bonus: 7%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 500

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Belladonna

This prism was a reskin of the T0 Decoy Prism and has the same stats that the Decoy Prism had before it was buffed.

The decoy explodes in a heart-shaped particle effect similar to the Hearticles.

The heart decoy has the following sprite:
Heart decoy

This is what it look likes when it explodes: