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Gambler's Fate

Gambler's Fate A coin pilfered from the endless vault of Gemsbok’s hoarded wealth. Only the most daring would stake their lives on the equal odds of a coin flip.

Tier UT
MP Cost 90
On Equip +4 ATT, +4 DEX
Effect(s) On Ability Use: Summons a coin that acts as a decoy. Each second it has a 50% chance to become silver or continue to exist.
Silver Coin: Acts as a decoy. Each second it has a 50% chance to disappear or continue to exist.
Throw Time 0.8 second(s)
Cooldown 2 second(s)
Fame Bonus 7%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,300

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Treasurer Gemsbok

A unique “Prism” that doesn’t teleport the player, but rather puts a stationary coin decoy on the cursor’s location. While the length of the decoy is highly inconsistent due to using a luck-based system to determine its duration, the ability to plant the decoy exactly wherever the user from a safe distance (unlike the Brain of the Golem, which also deploys a stationary decoy, except on the user’s current position) allows Tricksters to be far more precise with their decoy placements than with any other prism. This makes it a highly useful tool for setting up precise decoys, despite the inconsistency of its duration. It also gives potent offensive stats to boost Trickster’s damage output.

The expected lifetime of the golden coin is 1/2 + 2(1/4) + 3(1/8) + … = 2. Likewise the expected lifetime of the silver coin is 2 seconds, therefore one should expect their decoy to last 4 seconds on average.

The Gold and Silver Coins have the following sprites: