Brain of the Golem

Brain of the Golem A fragment of a brain from a lesser golem. Its strength indicates it came from a Golem of Anger.

Tier: ST
MP Cost: 65
Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: Summons a stationary golem decoy.
Stat Bonus: -2 ATT, -2 DEX
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 900

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From Marble Colossus

This prism has the longest duration by beating the Prism of Apparations by 0.5 seconds and also costing 20 less mana so it is quite spammable.

However the stat bonuses slightly lowers your DPS, you do not teleport, and the decoy doesn’t move so it might not be useful in certain situations.

The golem decoy has the following sprite:
Golem Decoy