Incubation Mace

Incubation Mace Easter celebrations call for eggs, but Oryx’s strict regulations on anything that might be a chicken makes eggs risky. This mace mimics the functions of an egg to summon pre-grown rabbits, with exactly the personality you’d expect from an animal raised by a weapon.

Tier UT (Limited)
MP Cost 135
On Equip +5 ATT, +40 HP
Summons Wandering rabbit, click or hold your Summon Control Button to move it.
Summon Lifetime 9.2 second(s)
Effect(s) Charge Duration: 2.6 seconds
Rabbits charge and discharge twice.
Shots 5
Damage 300–350 (average: 325)
Projectile Speed 12 tile(s)/second
Lifetime 0.45 second(s)
Range 5.4 tiles
XP Bonus 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,000

Obtained Through Easter 2021 Campaign, Tier 15

Wandering Rabbit

While the rabbits spawned by this mace are crimped slightly by their lack of piercing and need to charge up before attacking, each one deals crazy amounts of damage in its burst phase, far surpassing all other maces currently in the game; a single rabbit is capable of dealing a theoretical maximum of 14,000 damage over its lifetime by itself. Combined with the mace providing potent offensive and defensive stats on equip, this makes for an exceptionally powerful weapon that outclasses just about every other mace in the game when it comes to single-target damage.

The description of this item is slightly non-indicative. After charging for 2.6 seconds, a rabbit will fire 4 bursts of shots before repeating this process one more time, firing a total of 8 bursts of 5 shots over its lifetime. The rabbits will visually grow while charging up, and shrink back down when firing.

This Mace was obtainable as the final reward of the Easter 2021 “A New Power” Campaign. The blueprint for this mace was obtainable in the subsequent “For Science!” campaign.