Biff the Buffed Bunny

Last updated: Exalt Version (Dec 2020)
Biff the Buffed BunnyBiff the Buffed Bunny (Stone)

Biff the Buffed Bunny is a unique enemy that first appeared for Month of the Mad God 2017, and later appeared for Easter and miscellaneous other events.

During the Month of the Mad God 2017, the appearance of Mysterious Egg and Biff the Buffed Bunny was changed to a mossy version.

The Realm Eye says:
The rabbits of the realm are known to wield unexpected power when aggravated, but Biff’s enragement far surpasses that of any other bunny.
He took a liking to Easter eggs in his youth. When he discovered that humans shatter them for fun, he became uncontrollably livid.
Even Oryx harbors a grudge against Biff, as he often interferes with the Mad God’s attempts to destroy every chicken egg in the realm.



HP: 80,000 (+10% [8,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 0
EXP: 0

Quest Monster
Stasis Immune
Stun Immune
Paralyze Immune
Counts towards God Kills
Counts towards Beast Kills
Counts towards Encounter Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
BB Bunny Blaster
Pet Stasis for 5s
BB Bunny Blaster
Pet Stasis for 5s
BB Bunny Blaster
Pet Stasis for 5s
BB Egg Cannon 1 150 Confused for 2.5s 6 12
BB Egg Cannon 1
Confused for 2.5s
BB Egg Cannon 1 150 Confused for 2.5s 6 10.8


Once all the Easter Eggs scattered throughout Realm have been destroyed, an entity known as the Mysterious Egg will say “…” in the chat. The Mysterious Egg then spawns somewhere in the Highlands-Mountains area in a large field of grass. The Egg has 300000 HP, and when destroyed, summons Biff, who then says:
“You have stolen and broken eggs at your leisure. I will put a stop to this!”
Biff then begins his attack.

NOTE: In MotMG 2017, Biff’s egg appears upon the creation of a new realm and does not require the egg hunt to spawn. As of Easter 2021, he will randomly spawn upon the breaking of an Easter Egg.

Phase 1

Biff fires wide, 2-directional spreads of Pet Stasising white blasts that rotate clockwise and aimed eggs that Confuse. He slowly wanders the area.

Phase 2

At about 4/5 HP, he will begin chasing players while firing small spreads of white blasts. He will also start to fire radial bursts of his confusing eggs.

Phase 3

At about 1/2 HP, Biff will wander in place and start to fire large shotguns of white blasts that rotate clockwise, leaving a small gap to dodge the attack. He also fires shotguns of confusing eggs at the nearest player.

Phase 4

At about 1/5 HP, he begins alternating between firing omnidirectional bursts of white blasts and 4-directional shotguns of the confusing eggs. This phase lasts until death.

Biff is invulnerable for a few seconds upon spawning and momentarily between phases.

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Tips and Strategies

  • First of all, in a similar vein to the Giant Oryx Chicken, do not underestimate him. He has very high HP and deals tons of damage.
  • Stay at a distance, as his attacks are close-ranged but deal huge damage. Melees are advised to exercise caution and possibly sit out.
  • Watch out for the rainbow-colored eggs he fires: these inflict Confusion, which is especially dangerous in this fight.

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