Tricorne of the High Seas

Tricorne of the High Seas Cannon Cluster Pirate captains wear extravagant cocked hats to both inspire their men and intimidate their foes.

Tier ST
MP Cost 95
On Equip +7 DEF
Effect(s) On party: Inflicts Red Sword Berserk
On self: Inflicts Green Up Arrow Speedy
Duration 4 second(s)
Range 5 tiles
Cooldown 5 second(s)
Reactive Proc Cannon Cluster: Fires cannonballs when hit for at least 60 damage.
  • Number of shots: 8 (arc gap: 14°)
  • Cannonball Damage: 800
  • Total Cannonball Damage: 6400
  • Projectile Speed: ? tiles/second
  • Lifetime: ? seconds
  • Range: ? tiles
  • Cannonball Cooldown: 6 seconds
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 800


Part of the Pirate King Warrior Set.