Abyss of Demons

Last updated: X12
Abyss of Demons
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4

The Abyss of Demons is a medium-level dungeon that is a staple source of Potions of Vitality for many players. It is also the main source of the untiered Demon Blade and two pieces of the Magmatic Mystic ST Set.

The normal enemies in the dungeon attack in groups, have low health, inflict no status effects, but deal high damage. In addition, much of the dungeon is covered with lava, meaning high defense and/or HP is recommended for surviving the dungeon.

Entrances to the Abyss of Demons are commonly dropped from White Demons and last 30 seconds.

The Realm Eye says:
The depraved depths of the abyss were made by Archdemon Malphas. At first it was nothing more than a personal shelter, but it soon became the home of many demons.
The souls of the wicked are disposed of in the realm’s lava fissures, left to endure an agonizing eternity together.
Strictly speaking, Archdemon Malphas is the ruler of these lesser demons since he created the chambers. But in reality, he suffers just as much as them.


Abyss of Demons Key The Abyss of Demons Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Abyss of Demons Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.

Here are some amazing guides on how to solo an abyss on unpotted characters with mediocre equipment - Thanks to Bluenoser:
Knight Solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlQ1kngzgao
Wizard Solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRMNd3fwC54



The dungeon consists of a large network of small, square rooms which may be linked by very short hallways that are often absent. Each room consists of simple red ground and wall tiles. Piles of bones are scattered throughout the dungeon. Rivers of lava extend through the entire area. Broken tiles can be commonly found on top of lava tiles and will allow players to cross them safely, although these tiles decrease movement speed.

There is a non-guaranteed chance for at least one treasure room to appear in the dungeon. Treasure rooms can only have an exit in the south.

Example Layout

Abyss Layout

An Example Layout of a Abyss With 5 Treasure Rooms:


Screenshot of the Boss Room

Treasure Room

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The White Demons and Malphas minions only appear in the boss room.

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Treasure Room Boss

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Abyss of Demons is part of the Standard Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has five associated quests, including a scout quest.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Scout the Abyss Scout the Abyss of Demons and report back here! Mark of Malphas Potion of VitalityPotion of Vitality
The Archdemon Defeat Malphas in the Abyss of Demons. Mark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of Malphas
Mark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of Malphas
Quest Chest
To the Mountains! Head to the mountains to take down Oryx’s generals! Mark of SeptaviusMark of LimonMark of GulpordMark of Malphas
Mark of Dr. TerribleMark of Puppet MasterMark of Skuld
Demonhunter I don’t think Holy Water will cut it for these ones! Mark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of Malphas
Mark of DaichiMark of Daichi
Rainbow Road Bring me some marks while you search for stat potions! Mark of SeptaviusMark of LimonMark of GulpordMark of Malphas

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Boss Tips and Strategies

Be prepared, and know what may come: You have the chance of stepping in lava, which could slow your movement and become vulnerable to other incoming enemies’ attacks as well as taking some serious damage from the lava.
Demons of the abyss are DANGEROUS: Treat them with more caution than you treat gods.
Lava only hurts your feet: Simply rotate your point of view so that your feet stay on the lava bridges and you will avoid lava damage.

Treasure Room Tips and Strategies

It turns a lot of the floor around it into lava when activated. The monster shoots paralyze bullets, so if you’re hit while in the lava, you’re toast. Its drops are identical to Archdemon Malphas’ drops.
Sometimes there are 2 (or more) Treasure Rooms in the Abyss of Demons and there is an easy way to know it. When you kill the Idol, the path should come back to normal (lava disappear), if it doesn’t, there is probably another Treasure Room somewhere in the Abyss of Demon.
You must swim in lava to exit the room (or teleport if you can). HOWEVER, if the lava disappears as usual, there still might be an additional treasure room.
1. Do Malphas first so if you nexus, the time spent in the Abyss was not wasted completely
2. Follow the step listed below. Trying won’t hurt. And for the treasure room and the Abyss in general: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO NEXUS, because the abyss is dropped VERY frequently.

How to kill
Step One: Clear the room of the smaller demons before shooting the Idol. If you do accidently shoot it, be ready for a difficult fight.

Step Two: Once the room is clear, begin using your weapon on the idol. If you are using a Wizard, Knight or any ability that deals massive damage, use it. For knights, use an Ogmur and a Colossus Shield on it quickly.

BEWARE!: Do not let the big shot hit you with paralysis. IF you do and he throws lava in your zone, just nexus

Step 3: Various spots of the room should be getting filled with lava and going back to normal. Just move to safe spots without getting caught in the lava. Keep attacking when you get the chance until it dies and the lava disappears. Get the Vit and hopefully a T10 Weapon/T5 Ability

Tip: Sometimes, if you stand very close to the idol and find the right spot (it will be one of the cardinal directions), you can stand next to the idol and only get hit by its small shotgun. It will not throw lava at you, and can be killed laughably easily.

Tip: When you are fighting only brutes you can run in circles and shoot behind you, because the brutes shoot forward and they follow the player, walking straight into your shots, while you easily dodge theirs.

Tip: The Abyss is a great place to build up base fame. When soloing you can get about 35 to 50 fame per Abyss

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As of Build 123.3, treasure rooms hav a chance of spawning in this dungeon. These rooms contain a “Mini-Boss”, the Abyss Idol.

In Release ????, Potions of Defense were added as a guaranteed drop from Archdemon Malphas and the Abyss Idol. As of build 27.7.X6, the bosses will no longer drop a guaranteed Potion of Defense. Instead, the Toxic Sewers became the main source of Potions of Defense among Godlands dungeons.

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