Cave of a Thousand Treasures

Last updated: 27.7.X14
Cave of a Thousand Treasures
Difficulty: 3Difficulty: 3Difficulty: 3

The Cave of a Thousand Treasures is a medium-level dungeon intended for moderately powerful (level 20 unmaxed) characters. The dungeon is a source of various stat increase potions (excluding Life and Mana) and medium-tiered equipment but does not drop any untiered items.

Due to its rarity, this dungeon is part of the Mighty quest pool despite its relatively low difficulty. The Tinkerer has a chance to offer a daily quest that requires only one mark dropped from the boss, the Golden Oryx Effigy. The rewards for completing the quest include the usual Quest Chest along with a Loot Drop and Loot Tier Potion, making this daily quest more rewarding than the other Mighty quest dungeons.

Entrances to the dungeon have a low chance of dropping from Djinns.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Explosive Journey‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Realm Eye says:
A group of skillful thieves gather in their cave of treasures to store the spoils of their heists.
The robbers thoroughly booby trapped the den to dissuade anyone from attempting to reclaim their stolen goods.
To further protect the hoarded riches, the crooks have gone to great lengths to make their hideout extraordinarily difficult to locate.


Treasure Map The Treasure Map is obtained by achieving level 20 on a Ninja while playing on Kongregate. It is also obtainable from certain Daily Quests. The key is not sold in the Nexus.



The dungeon has a fixed, linear layout consisting of 8 rooms that contain many hazards such as log traps, fire traps, and boulders. Each room has brown floor and wall tiles, similar to the Spider Den. Befitting the dungeon’s name, many rooms have piles of gold coins, jewels, chests, and other treasures scattered about, which serve merely as obstacles. The exact layout is as follows:

  • Room 1 (Starting Room): An octagonal room with three concentric Log Trap tracks in a square configuration. The outer edges contain treasure obstacles, Treasure Pots, and rocks.
  • Room 2: A small room with a few enemies, Treasure Pots, and obstacles.
  • Room 3: A hexagonal room containing two parallel Log Traps along with a few enemies, Treasure Pots, and obstacles.
  • Room 4: A long hallway containing a Boulder Trap. There are four small cavities in the walls for players to avoid getting hit with the boulders.
  • Room 5: A hexagonal room containing enemies, Treasure Pots, and a small maze made of treasure and rock obstacles.
  • Room 6: A twisting room containing two parallel Log Traps along with a enemies, Treasure Pots, and obstacles near the walls.
  • Room 7: A twisted, hexagonal room comprised mostly of Flame Traps and rocks. There are a few safe areas containing Treasure Pots and treasure obstacles.
  • Room 8 (Boss Room): A large, circular arena where the Golden Oryx Effigy resides in the center. The edges of the room contain a few obstacles and Treasure Pots, but there are no traps.

Example Layout

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Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

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All the enemies here can drop stat increase potions (except the Treasure Rat and Treasure Pot). However, the dungeon does not contain any untiered loot.

Scattered throughout the dungeon are breakable pots which rarely drop high tier gear. They usually contain lower-tier loot, and Potions of Health or Magic.


Traps are found in fixed locations around the Cave. All traps are invulnerable.

Trap Notes
Found in vertical corridors with openings scattered on both sides.
Boulders are endlessly generated from the top of the corridor.
Rolls down the corridor fairly quickly and disappears at the bottom.
Boulders deal 60 damage to all targets hit.
Log Trap
Log Trap
Found along rails in certain rooms.
Travels along its rail, rebounding when it hits the end.
Deals 50 damage on contact.
Flame Trap
Flame Trap
Serves as the floor in certain rooms.
Periodically jets out flames for a few seconds at a time.
Deals 50 damage constantly whenever flames are active.
Some flame traps fire faster than others.

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Boss Minions

The Golden Oryx Effigy can be found in a large circular room at the back of the dungeon.

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Cave of a Thousand Treasures is part of the Mighty Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has one associated quest.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
The Effigy Defeat the Golden Oryx Effigy in the Cave of a Thousand Treasures. Mark of Effigy Mighty Quest Chest Loot Drop Potion Loot Tier Potion

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The Cave of a Thousand Treasures was added to the game in Build 124.0 and the key to it was given to a player’s gift chest upon reaching level 20 on the new class Ninja, as a reward.

The Cave of a Thousand Treasures used to have this layout:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

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