Winter Reskin Weapons

This page is about the tier 11 reskins, for the tier 12 reskins see Ice Weapons.

The Winter Weapons, or Winter T11 reskins, are limited availability reskins of the tier 11 weapons themed on Winter.

The Bow of Eternal Frost and Frostbite were first seen in Release 19.0.0 (Dec 2013), dropping in various locations as soulbound reskins of the T11 Bow of Innocent Blood and T11 Skysplitter Sword.

Winter versions of the other T11s were launched the following year in Release 27.2.0 (Dec 2014), available as alternate loot drops from dungeon bosses and events. All six of the Winter Weapons were made unsoulbound at this point.

These items are not currently soulbound so can be traded.