Bow of Innocent Blood

Bow of Innocent Blood Red Arrow A runed bow steeped in the dark power of ancient injustice.

Tier 11
Shots 3 (arc gap: 8°)
Damage 49–70 (average: 59.5 / total: 178.5)
Projectile Speed 16 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.44 seconds
Range 7.04 tiles (true range: 3.56 tiles)
Effect(s) Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
XP Bonus 4%
Feed Power 233

Before Patch 27.7.X10.3 (Feb 2017), this item dealt 45-70 damage.

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2021), this item had a feed power of 310.

The Realm Eye says:
I have just the knowledge you seek on the Bow of Innocent Blood.
Many centuries ago, a cult of blood magic was slain by a king who feared uprising.
Their accursed magic is still quite present in this bow, possibly due to its intricate runic carvings.