Alien UFO

Last updated: Exalt Version (May 2021)
Alien UFO

The Alien UFO, piloted by Commander Calbrik, is an Event Boss introduced for Month of the Mad God 2019. It appears at the end of an Alien Invasion event, which appears for special events and has an extremely small chance to appear normally.

Destroying the UFO causes numerous wormholes to Malogia, Untaris, Forax, and Katalund to appear throughout the Realm.

The Realm Eye says:
Commander Calbrik is the acclaimed leader of his homeworld’s notorious army. Though he and Oryx have a mutual interest in killing your kind, he has no intention of negotiating.
I suspect he wants to control the realm due to its prime position in the galaxy. Conquering it would complete his web of scattered military bases, allowing him to close in on what remains.



HP: 100,000 (+5% [5,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 25
EXP: 2,000
Location: Mountains

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stunned
Immune to Paralyzed

Level 20 Quest
Levitates off Ground
Counts towards Construct Kills
Counts towards God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
AI Alien Laser Shot 120 5 15 Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
AI Alien Green Shot 130 9 9 Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
AI Alien Bomb Shot 120 8 8 From Alien UFO Bombs



Commander Calbrik’s alien invasion can appear once per Realm. During special events, aliens will invade once a particular Hero of Oryx has been wiped out, but they also have a very small chance to spawn every time a Hero of Oryx is slain outside of events. Whether or not aliens are currently active, the spawn location of the (potential) Alien UFO will be marked by a bright green dot on the minimap. When the aliens appear, Calbrik will broadcast the following message in chat to alert players of his presence.
”Atmosphere breach imminent, prepare all units to launch our next assault on this sector!”

From then on, a variety of Alien enemies will start spawning in the Mountains. As players kill more of these enemies, Calbrik will provide status messages as he sends in increasingly powerful Aliens, with there being four waves in total.
”Inhabitants have proven capable of retaliation! Send in the extermination units!” (wave 2)
”Surrender now or be faced with extreme prejudice!” (wave 3)
”Deploy punisher units for full elimination of life!” (final wave)

The enemies present are as follows:

Once a sufficient amount of Aliens have been killed, Calbrik will say “Fine, I’ll do it myself…” in chat. His UFO will spawn in the Mountains and gain a Quest Arrow, and he can now be fought.

In Battle

In combat, Calbrik’s UFO transitions through multiple phases based on HP. It is invulnerable between phases.

Phase 1

The UFO slowly follows the nearest player. Every few seconds, it will stop in place and fire 4-directional beams along either the cardinal or intermediate directions.

Phase 2

Continues following players, but deploys Alien UFO Bombs as it flies. These bombs are invincible and explode into a ring of wave-like bullets several seconds after spawning. It will still occasionally stop moving, but will now fire a messy omnidirectional barrage of smaller green bullets instead of its lasers.

Phase 3

Maintains the same behavior as before, but now fires both the omnidirectional barrage and the 4-way lasers every time it stops moving.

Phase 4

Keeps chasing players, rapidly throwing Alien UFO Bombs all around it while constantly firing its omnidirectional barrage attack. It will not stop moving during this phase.

Phase 5

The UFO stops moving and maintains its omnidirectional barrage, while firing its 4-way beams every few seconds. In addition, it will frequently throw out 8 Alien UFO Bombs that form a ring around it before exploding.


“My ship…RUINED! Attention all units, leave that busted wormhole generator and regroup outside atmosphere immediately!”
When Calbrik’s UFO is downed, it will visually crash and drop its loot. Its burning wreckage will remain as a decorative landmark until the Realm is closed.
Crashed Alien UFO

Once Calbrik is defeated, a large number of randomized Alien Wormholes will spawn at randomized points throughout the Realm. Each wormhole is guarded by several weak enemies from the respective world, and the portals will uniquely only start counting down to despawn once a player approaches them. Entering the wormholes allows players to challenge the respective world for the wormhole’s color - Malogia for red, Untaris for blue, Forax for green, and Katalund for yellow.

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Tips and Strategies

The UFO doesn’t move exceptionally fast, but all of its attacks rack up damage extremely quickly. Don’t neglect to dodge as many shots as you can, and avoid standing on the Alien UFO Bombs when they spawn.

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