Dagger of the Amethyst Prism

Dagger of the Amethyst Prism Amethyst Shift A dagger imbued with Amethyst magic to protect its owner from harm.

Tier UT (Limited)
Shots 1
Damage 95–175 (average: 135)
Projectile Speed 14 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.4 seconds
Range 5.6 tiles
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 450

Loot Bag Assigned to Cyan Bag

This is a re-skinned version of the Dagger of Foul Malevolence.
The dagger no longer drops in game.

This item was released during the June 2014 Month of the Mad God event.
As of August 20, 2016, Patch 27.7.X2, this dagger dropped from the “Event Chest” event.

With 1,723 copies in existence as of June 2020, this dagger is the 7th rarest item in the game. However, this item is the rarest among items that were not originally given to a small group of players, such as contest rewards.