Month of the Mad God

Month of the Mad God (MotMG) is a 1-2 month long event, first held in June 2014, to celebrate Realm of the Mad God and its community. Some MotMG events included new skins available for fame, the release of reskinned equipment items, including higher drop rates for the limited UTs, the first public release of Lair of Draconis, forum events and price discounts and promotions on nexus shop items.

Month of the Mad God 2023

MotMG 2023 arrived with Exalt Version (Aug 2023) on the 1st of August. This MotMG theme was ‘A Hero’s Choice’ and introduced the Enchanting system. Community Votes were held to determine the order of the Dungeon events.

Month of the Mad God 2022

MotMG 2022 arrived with Exalt Version (Aug 2022) on the 2nd of August. The theme was ‘Vindication’. This came with the Wanderer and 4 mercenaries appearing throughout the Realm and Dungeons, including the new Hidden Interregnum. It also introduced weapon “subtypes” and a battlepass system.

Month of the Mad God 2021

On the 17th of August, Exalt Version (Aug 2021) launched Month of the Mad God. This year’s MotMG theme was ‘Antinomy’. The update came with two big announcements: Dungeon Modifiers and a Shatters rework. This update also included UT Trading, which made all lower and mid tiered UTs tradable for the duration of MotMG. ‘Enchantments’ were also teased in the patch notes.

The first half of MotMG was themed around the Void. The nexus got a total dark reskin and the Antinomy: Chaos Campaign started. Void and Daeva tokens dropped from bosses and encounters.

With the campaign, a battle between Light and Void also begun. Half of the classes were on the side of Void, and the other half on the side of Light. Every week, the amount of each side’s tokens that were consumed would be counted and a winner of the skin battle would be determined.

During the entire month there were many chest events and special encounters in the realm. Many new consumables, cosmetics, and antinomy themed equipment were introduced.

But this Month of the Mad God had a rough start. A game breaking insta-kill bug was also introduced in the update, which caused the Tier 3 Mace to “eat” bullets and redistribute the damage to each player in the vicinity of the summon. Luckily, the bug was fixed surprisingly quickly on the same day.

On the 24th of August Dungeon Modifiers were intoduced in Exalt Version (Aug 2021), along with more cosmetics.

On the 26th of August, Exalt Version (Aug 2021) was released with the Shatters rework. The dungeon was completely reworked and got a totally different look and feel, new enemies, bosses, loot, and a soundtrack.

On September 7th, the Light took over and Exalt Version (Sep 2021) gave the nexus a brand new look, another campaign, and more cosmetics. The Enchantments feature, which was teased at the beginning of MotMG, was delayed.

The Antinomy: Light Campaign started and the Shatters got many tweaks. Another insta-kill bug was fixed, caused by the newly reworked Avatar of the Forgotten King. During one phase, bullets stacked and would instantly kill players who seemingly only touched a single bullet.

On September 13th, the new Light nexus was removed. Many players experienced disconnection issues and it was believed the new nexus decorations were the culprit. The nexus was reverted to the regular Summer nexus.

On September 28th, Month of the Mad God Antinomy came to an end.

The first teaser can be found here, the second teaser can be found here, and the third teaser can be found here. The official MotMG 2021 trailer can be found here.

The MotMG 2021 calendar can be found here. The first campaign (Antinomy: Chaos) can be found here and the second campaign (Antinomy: Light) can be found here.

Month of the Mad God 2020

MotMG was delayed to the later part of September in 2020 due to the earlier release of Oryx’s Sanctuary. This MotMG included some of the largest updates in the history of the game, and its beginning coincided with the official death of the Adobe Flash client. MotMG 2020 had a “reconstruction” theme, which included a redesigned Vault and refurbishments to the earliest Wildshadow-era dungeons, including the Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Spider Den, Snake Pit, Undead Lair, and Abyss of Demons. This MotMG also debuted the Appetizer event boss. MotMG 2020 also included significant and controversial balancing changes, including Vital Combat (which decreases pet restoration abilities in combat), along with the Exaltation progession system for endgame players. A teaser for MotMG 2020 can be found here. A trailer was later released. A calendar of the events was also released.

Month of the Mad God 2019

Unlike previous MotMGs, Month of the Mad God 2019 lasted for two months (July 10 to August 20) and featured the most new content of a MotMG to date, including reworks to the Lair of Draconis and Lair of Shaitan. MotMG 2019 was alien-themed and introduced the Alien UFO event boss and Wormhole dungeons, which allowed players to equip powerful rings with “reactive proc” effects. The later part of MotMG 2019 saw the release of the Fungal Cavern (the Crystal Cavern was added immediately after the conclusion of MotMG). The MotMG event calendars can be found here: Part 1, Part 2.

Month of the Mad God 2018

Month of the Mad God 2018 has been confirmed by Deca Games, and will this time run from August 1st to September 5th. This time will be arguably better then the Last Month of the Mad Gods, due to this being the first time in RotMG history that event drops (Such as Conflict, Jugg) have been buffed to two times. MotMG 2018 featured the new Samurai class, the first new class to be added in more than 6 years, along with the Mad God Mayhem “boss rush” dungeon. You can view the Official Month of the Mad God 2018 calendar here.

Month of the Mad God 2017

Month of the Mad God 2017 has been confirmed by Deca Games, and will this time run from August 1st to September 5th. MotMG 2017 coincided with the release of the original Lost Halls and the MotMG-exclusive Oryx Horde event boss. You can view the Official Month of the Mad God 2017 calendar here.

Month of the Mad God 2016

It has been announced on Reddit that July 2016-August 2016 will see another Month of the Mad God.

Events so far include:
~Free Deca Colors Package
~Social Event: Deca Colors Screenshot Contest
~Free Rare Mystery Egg Package
~Fame Mystery Box: Deca’s Fun for Fame
~Gold Mystery Box: Ultimate Jackpot Ambrosia box
~Social Event: Create the Deca Mascot Skin
~Social Event: Part 1 - Facebook Vault Challenge
~Gentleman Keys Box

Month of the Mad God 2015

It has been announced on the official forum that June 2015 will see another Month of the Mad God.

Events so far include:
Week 1:
- Fame Fashion Mystery Box, with dyes and cloths available for fame.
- A free two-backpack pack (limited to one pack per account).

Week 2:
- Reactivation of The Alchemist, and a new additional 5th Tinkerer quest giving a second Alchemist token in exchange for a Tarot Card.
- There was briefly a 6th Tinkerer quest with the reward being a Greater Stat Pot in exchange for a random untiered item, but this was pulled after one day due to negative feedback.
- A free Rare Mystery Pet Egg (limited to one per account).

Week 3:
-Free pet food including Superburger (2000fp), Grapes of Wrath (1500 fp) and Power Pizza (750 fp)

Month of the Mad God 2014

The original Month of the Mad God.

A full calendar of events is available on the official forums. Highlights include:

5th June: release of Drow Trickster skin and Nexus No Miko Huntress skin via Mystery Boxes, the Nexus No Miko mystery box being available for 100 fame and offering a chance to win the skin or a cloth/dye.

6th June: Dagger of the Amethyst Prism and Sword of the Mad God reskin weapons released, dropping in-game and available via Mystery Boxes.

12th June: Lil Red Mystic skin and Big Bad Wolf Warrior skin released, Lil Red being given away free (one per account), Big Bad Wolf via Mystery Box.

16th June: Holy Avenger Paladin skin released (Mystery Box), Solstice equipment reskins released: Staff of the Rising Sun, Thousand Suns Spell, Robe of the Summer Solstice and Ring of the Burning Sun, these being reskins of Wine Cellar tops for Wizard, themed to the Summer Solstice.

18th June: Sword of Illumination and Bow of the Morning Star released, these being reskins of Demon Blade and Doom Bow, and temporarily replacing them as the soulbound UT dropping in Abyss and UDL, at double the usual drop rate.

20th June: Lair of Draconis released via purchasable dungeon key, with all loot drop rates in the dungeon increased. The release of the dungeon was only temporary, owing to unforseen bugs. You can read more about this on an official forum post.

24th June: Free Backpack Pack available, with two free backpacks.

26th June: Lair of Draconis re-released via purchasable dungeon key after bug fixes, still with increased loot drop rates.

27th June: Witch Wizard skin released for free (one per account).

2nd July: End of the event. All Month of the Mad God equipment items removed from drop tables and made soulbound, item drop rates returned to normal.