Etherite Dagger

Etherite Dagger Spooky Sparkle Made of a strange metal not known to the living. Its connection to the spirit plane causes a high pitched shriek as it slashes.

Tier ST
Shots 1
Damage 115–225 (average: 170)
Projectile Speed 16 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.24 seconds
Range 3.84 tiles
Amplitude 0.2 tile(s)
Frequency 0.2 cycle(s)/shot
Rate of Fire 110%
XP Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

Part of the Skuld 2 The ReGhostening Set.

Being the fifth strongest single shot dagger after Avarice, Dirk of Cronus, Toxin Tooth and Dagger of Dire Hatred, this dagger is mainly nerfed by its range. Most dagger classes can risk the range reduction (dependent on your dagger), in exchange for the heavy DPS increase.

This dagger is most effective if equipped on Rogue, as the use of a cloak nullifies the downsides of having lower range, and allows the user to get close with little risk. Note that this stategy will not work in highly-populated areas, as you may be hit by projectiles fired at other players.

When the entire Skuld set is equipped, the weapon projectile changes to:
Spooky Sparkle

Added in Patch X.32.1.0 (Oct 2019) as a new soulbound version of the Etherite Dagger.

For the history of the original Etherite Dagger, see Legacy Etherite Dagger.

Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this item had a damage of 110-215.