Sporous Spray Spell

Jade Storm This scroll is made out of woven mycelium fibers.

Tier: UT (Limited)
On Ability Use: Create a Deadly Mushroom that lasts 4.5 seconds
Deadly Mushroom creates 3 Small Mushrooms every second
Small Mushroom Damage: 500
Maximum Total Damage: 7500
Radius (per small mushroom): 2 tiles
MP Cost: 110
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 850

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Crystal Worm Mother

This spell is highly unique in the sense that instead of causing an explosion of shots, it spawns a Deadly Mushroom that continuously creates smaller exploding mushrooms for a time period. The Deadly Mushroom will create three small mushrooms around itself every second, for a total of 15 mushrooms (the Deadly Mushroom lasts for 4.5 seconds, but it still spawns 5 sets).

While this spell is capable of massive area damage, especially since there is no limit on how many Deadly Mushrooms can be out at once, the stationary nature of the mushrooms make it less effective on enemies with fast movement or frequent invulnerability times, as they may not be hit by the full damage of the spell. In addition, the spell has a comparatively high MP cost, which means it can’t be spammed as often.

The spell shines the most when used on stationary bosses or clusters of enemies. It deals extreme damage to things caught in the center of the mushrooms, and is the only spell besides Penetrating Blast and Jade Storm that can damage large groups of enemies at once.