Cursed Spire Spell

Cursed Spire Spell AoO Spell Proj All but Chancellor Dammah’s own mages shun this blasphemous spell, channeling the dark energies of the earth to construct an explosive spike.

Tier UT
MP Cost 100
Effect(s) Spawns an explosive spike in current player location that explodes after 0.6 seconds
Spell: 16 Shots on self
Mayhem Aegis: On ability use, 50% chance of DEF↑ DEF boost (+15 DEF) on self for 3 seconds
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Shots 16 (from explosive spike)
Damage 350–450 (average: 400)
Total Damage 5600–7200 (average: 6400)
Projectile Speed 15 tile(s)/second
Lifetime 0.5 second(s)
Range 7.5 tiles
XP Bonus 7%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 700
Dismantling Value 30 Rare Material / 40 Common Material

Obtained Through Consuming a stack of 15 Shards of the Intern
Exchanging a stack of 30 Shards of the Intern at The Tinkerer

Part of the Agents of Oryx Abilities.

Upon first glance, this spell seems like a clear-cut winner above just about all others, dealing extreme damage that far surpasses all spells besides the Genesis Spell - with its minimum total damage already exceeeding the max damage of spells like the Tablet or Sporous Spray Spell - while piercing enemies and obstacles to allow it to be used for crowd-control as well.

However, instead of spawning a blast of shots at the cursor, it spawns an explosive spike on the player’s position that will detonate after a short delay. This makes it much less practical than other spells, as the player has to practically sit on enemies to get the full damage, which is usually ill-advised for a squishy class like the Wizard. While its Mayhem Aegis ability can give the user 15 DEF to aid them in this regard, it only activates at a 50% rate and is far from reliable.

This spell is most useful in any situation where you’d use the Staff of Extreme Prejudice, though its small delay also allows you to lure nearby chasing enemies. Unlike most spells, its individual shots also do respectable damage, so it can still be effective even if the player can’t get the full spellbomb off on an enemy.

Image of the explosive spike that is spawned on ability use:
AoO Spell Decoy

Before Exalt Version (Nov 2020), the spike fired 10 shots dealing 500-600 damage each.