Archerang Archerang Arrow A quiver once treasured by a highly sentimental archer who just couldn’t bear to part with her arrows forever. They’ve become rather dull after so much recycling.

Tier UT
MP Cost 75
Effect(s) Inflicts Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2 seconds
Inflicts Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 2 seconds
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Shots 5 (arc gap: 12°)
Damage 50–100 (average: 75)
Total Damage 250–500 (average: 375)
Projectile Speed 15 tile(s)/second
Lifetime 0.7 second(s)
Range 5 tiles
Cooldown 1 second(s)
XP Bonus 4%
Feed Power 500
Dismantling Value 15 Common Material

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From The Servers
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

This is a Mistake Gear item.

This quiver functions similarly to the Quiver of the Shadows, due to the fact that it shoots five shots. However, this quiver has far less damage and range, and inflicts slow and paralyzed instead, making it somewhat more useful for debuffing enemies. However, due to its low duration, range, and damage, other quivers are often a better choice, unless you prefer the convenience of having both debuffs on one item.

Before Exalt Version (Aug 2021), this item was soulbound.