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Quiver of Dazing Love

Quiver of Dazing Love Love Bolt It truly is dazzling when you put your heart into the work! Sprite Credits: WunderWafe

Tier: UT (Limited)
MP Cost: 100
Damage: 310-360 (335)
Projectile Speed: 15
Range: 15
Effect: Daze for 4 seconds.
Stat Bonus: +5 ATT
Fame Bonus: 7%
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 800

Drops From None

This quiver does not pierce enemies.

This quiver is functionally the same as the Quiver of Thunder but with a higher fame bonus.

This item was available during the 2018 Valentine’s Event as a Tinkerer Daily Quest in exchange for 80 Love Letters.