Quiver of Thunder

Quiver of Thunder White Bolt
Quiver of Thunder: This strange quiver that was created in a forgotten age by a lost tribe of Dark Elves.

Tier: Untiered
MP Cost: 100
Damage: 310-360 (335)
Projectile Speed: 15
Range: 15
Effect: Daze for 4 seconds.
Stat Bonus: +5 ATT
Fame Bonus: 6%
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Feed Power: 800

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Greater Nature Sprite

This quiver does not pierce enemies.

The description of the item is quite strongly grammatically incorrect.

Often abbreviated to “QoT”, the Quiver of Thunder has a high mana cost, as well as a cool-down. This quiver puts your accuracy to the test, as it has a cooldown of six seconds. The Quiver of Thunder also isn’t as practical as tiered quivers, since the tiered quivers pierce through multiple targets.

However, this quiver is extremely prized for enemies in higher-tier gameplay, like those immune to Paralyze or Stun. This quiver is also useful for enemies who are stationary or slow-moving, such as the Killer Bee Queen, or The Puppet Master.

The status effect “Daze” works differently when applied to enemies; this quiver halves the amount of shots from an enemy, but the Daze that players experience reduces their Dexterity to 0 for the time being.

The Quiver of Thunder dropped in Ocean Trench dungeon during the Event Chest Weekend Reloaded (2016-09-18 to 2016-09-20 )