Gaseous Glaive

Gaseous Glaive Cutlass Reskin Missile One of the most unusual feats of Katalonian engineering. This barely tangible sword hurls puffs of toxic gas, if you can manage to firmly grasp it.

Sprite Credits: Aurum

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 180–230 (average: 205)
Projectile Speed 15 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.22 seconds
Range 3.3 tiles
Rate of Fire 130%
On Equip -2 DEF, +3 SPD
XP Bonus 7%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 750

This is an Alien Gear item.

This is a reskinned version of the UT Pirate King’s Cutlass with a 7% XP Bonus and 750 Feed Power as compared to the Pirate King’s Cutlass’ 6% and 800.

This item was added to the game in Patch X.31.8.0 (Jul 2019).

This item may be a reference to the Ghastly Glaive from the game Terraria.