Sword of the Colossus

Sword of the Colossus Colossus Slash A sword with an impossibly sharp edge. It has been designed with holy magic to slash like no other blade.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 280–295 (average: 287.5)
Projectile Speed 10 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.45 seconds
Range 4.5 tiles
Amplitude 0.7 tile(s)
Frequency 0.5 cycle(s)/shot
XP Bonus 7%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,200
Forging Cost 60 Legendary Material / 160 Rare Material / 180 Common Material / 1560 Forgefire / 2 Mark of the Marble Colossus
Dismantling Value 15 Legendary Material / 40 Rare Material / 45 Common Material

Blueprint Colossus Blueprint
Drops From Marble Colossus
Obtained Through The Tinkerer (50x Ancient Schematic)

In game animation:
In game animation

This sword has higher DPS than all tiered swords and most Untiered swords (only being beaten out by a point-blank Demon Blade, Cheerful Chipper, Pixie or Henchman’s Claymore - on warrior, Sword of the Colossus beats the aforementioned swords at 74 DEF, 52 DEF, 28 DEF and 7 DEF respectively) as well as a very respectable 4.5 range, but the catch is the odd firing pattern of the sword which causes its shots to curve outward before curving back inwards. This makes the sword extremely hard to aim properly, but anything caught in the intersection of the shots will take enormous damage. This sword also makes the Crystal Sword obsolete as it has the same range but far higher damage and an XP Bonus of 7%.

Since it is required to hit targets at the very end of its range to maximize its damage, this sword is most effective on targets that do not move much. It is worth noting that this range is longer than not only all tiered shields, but even the likes of the Spiteful Scutum. This means that knights will have to get very close to enemies to be able to stun as well as maximize their DPS output.

Its curving shots can be used to fire around obstacles or enemies in a similar fashion to the Staff of Esben.

However, with good awareness of spacing and character movement, this sword becomes a clear-cut winner over all other swords due to its high sustained damage and immense range. Note, however, that if you find yourself missing a decent number of shots, the Sword of Majesty may provide better DPS overall due to its easier shot pattern.

This sword had the following sprite before Patch X.26.0.0 (May 2018):
Sword of the Colossus (old)