Pixie-Enchanted Sword

Pixie-Enchanted Sword Fairy Bullet Pixies are often a more aggressive fae. It makes great sense that they would provide heroes with swords as fine as this.

Tier ST
Shots 4 (arc gap: 10°)
Damage 75–90 (average: 82.5 / total: 330)
Projectile Speed 14 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.325 seconds
Range 4.55 tiles (true range: 1.87 tiles)
XP Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 750
Dismantling Value 40 Mythical Material

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From Gigacorn
Obtained Through Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest

Part of the Swoll Paladin Set.

When the entire Swoll Paladin set is equipped, the weapon projectile changes to:
Fairy Bolt

The Pixie-Enchanted Sword is the best sword in the game against 0 DEF… assuming you’re hitting all 4 shots, which has a tiny true range of 1.87 tiles. You need to be uncomfortably close or flat out sitting on an enemy to deal maximum damage.

Compared to other point-blank swords, it outdamages the Demon Blade until around 5 DEF and the Cheerful Chipper until 6. It’ll also beat all single-shot swords for most enemies. On a Warrior, it beats Acclaim up to 54 DEF, Majesty up to 34, and the Sword of the Colossus until 28 DEF.

Knights can use most shields to get close to an enemy, and the Ogmur to consistently get 0 DEF. For all sword classes, it is useful against stationary and/or harmless enemies.

Other than point blank damage, this sword is somewhat useful for crowd control. The Godlands or a boss like a Cube God have many minions to be cleared out. Conversely, this sword is not good for rushing dungeons in which there are a lot of high-health minions, or objects that spawn minions upon being broken, like the Mad Lab or Crawling Depths.

Added in Patch X.31.8.0 (July 2019) as a new soulbound version of the Pixie-Enchanted Sword, using the original version of the item’s sprite.

For the history of the original Pixie-Enchanted Sword, see Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword.

Before Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020), this item had a Feed Power of 500.