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Stone Paladin

Last updated: Release 18.0
Stone Paladin

The Stone Paladin is a minion spawned from Paladin Obelisks found within The Shatters.



HP: 10000
DEF: 65
EXP: 0
Location: The Shatters

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Darkness Bolt


Phase 1
Moves slowly towards a nearby player for a short duration, or until the player enters a 1-2 tile range, whilst completely invulnerable.

Phase 2
When it stops moving, it flashes briefly and begins firing numerous projectiles in a similar pattern to the Djinn. It is vulnerable only during this time.

An important thing to note is that if there is a Paladin Obelisk in the vicinity, the Stone Paladin will heal 1.5k hitpoints between phases.


Spawns From:
Paladin ObeliskPaladin Obelisk

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Tips and Strategies

Stone Paladins are really just meat-shields for the other weaker yet more damaging minions in the Shatters. Needless to say they are capable of very high damage output if you stand close/on top of them - if one moves too close, simply back away. Keep your distance, and they wont be able to touch you.

Note that unless your shatters group has a number of high DPS classes, you will not be able to kill the Paladins before more are spawned by the Obelisk. Your number 1 priority should be to kill the spawner, before you are overcome by an unstoppable mass of Stone Paladins.

As always, piercing weapons are ideal when dealing with the spawner or clusters of paladins. Tiered Wands or Doom Bow are must haves, or else good luck trying to punch them without the aid of a melee. Staff classes, as well as triple-shot/coral bows are rendered completely useless by their powerful armor and plentiful hit-points - these players should focus other enemies where applicable.

Archers and Huntresses may use paralysis to slow or stop the advance of moving paladins, giving other players more space to maneuver and time to kill them.

Knights with the Shield of Ogmur are extremely useful against these guys, as armor-breaking can make them much easier to clear, given their high defense.

While stunning stone paladins can be useful, players should be wary of doing so. If the stun ends while the stone paladin is in the middle of shooting, it will release a radial burst of stacked shots.

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