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Paladin Obelisk

Last updated: Release X.15.0.0
Paladin Obelisk

The Paladin Obelisk is an enemy found in the The Shatters.




  • Normal: 30,000
  • Bridge: 20,000 (+20% [4,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
    DEF: 65
    EXP: 600
    Location: The Shatters

Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Counts to God Kills

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Does Not Attack


Remains stationary, while spawning minions after a short time interval. There is a limit to the number of spawns it can produce: 6 for the normal ones, and 9 for the two that are located at The Forgotten Sentinel

Note: Initially the obelisk will be inactive, only beginning to spawn minions once a player enters its vision.


Stone PaladinStone Paladin

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Tips and Strategies


Mystics can stasis the stone paladins to help the non-piercing weapon classes damage the obelisk and destroy it faster, since the obelisks are immune to stasis.

All other classes:

When killing paladin obelisks, it is strongly recommended to use a piercing weapon such as Tiered Wands or Doom Bow, focusing all attacks on the spawner itself. Circle strafing is the best strategy here: move around the obelisk, while keeping safe distance from his minions, dragging them away as it becomes necessary. See the tips section for Stone Paladins for details on how to fight them effectively.

WARNING: If you are the only one near a Paladin Obelisk, DO NOT use a ghost rum or cloak, as this will cause the Paladin Obelisk to spawn an extremely large number of stone paladins at an extremely fast rate, potentially leading to a failed Shatters or even DEATH.

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