Puppet Master's Encore

Last updated: 27.7.X.12
Puppet Master's Encore
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

The Puppet Master’s Encore is a high-level dungeon consisting only of a boss fight. It is the only source of the Wooden Box consumable, the UT Prism of Dire Instability, and the UT Thousand Shot. The dungeon is accessible via the Court of Oryx.


Puppet Master's Encore Key The Puppet Master’s Encore Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.


See the Puppet Master’s Encore Guide for a complete walkthough of the dungeon.



Encore Layout

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The Puppet Master 2
The Puppet Master 2

The Puppet Master 2 is the main boss of the Puppet Master’s Encore.
This is the second version of The Puppet Master.

HP: 110,000
DEF: 40
EXP: 92290

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Drops of Interest

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Tips and Strategies

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