Lucky Grenade

Lucky Grenade This grenade was launched from a firework and failed to explode. It will release deadly sparks when shaken violently enough, but until then it serves as a potent good-luck charm.

Tier ST
On Equip +75 HP, +5 DEX
Effect(s) High Explosive: When placing an Unstable Firework, releases a cone of bullets towards the mouse pointer. Bullets deal 150-175 damage. 1 second cooldown.
XP Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 750
Forging Cost 20 Mythical Material / 200 Forgefire / 1 Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard Set Token / 1 ST Ring
Dismantling Value 20 Mythical Material

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Obtained Through Crafting in the Forge.

Part of the Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard set.

Untiered Rings
Set Tiered Rings
Lucky GrenadeST. Lucky Grenade