Bracer of the Guardian

Bracer of the Guardian Wearing it makes you feel particularly strong.

Tier UT
On Equip +60 HP, +60 MP, +6 ATT, +6 DEF
Fame Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,000

This ring provides a combination of the bonuses found on a Ring of the Pyramid Ring of the Pyramid and the Ring of the Nile Ring of the Nile.
Its wearer will enjoy a +60 HP and +60 MP boost together with a +6 Attack and +6 Defense stats increase providing offense and defense at the same time.

Before Lost Halls was released, this ring was arguably one of the best general use rings in the game. It boasts great defensive power and offensive power at the same time in the form of +60 Maximum HP and +6 Defense, combined with +60 Maximum MP and +6 Attack. In essense, this can be seen as a very upgraded Experimental Ring, considering its HP/MP are equal and it also gives Defense, but replaces its Vitality with Attack, which is arguably far more useful, even without a pet.

Since Lost Halls was released, however, this ring has lost a lot of notoriety due to the Omnipotence Ring being added to the game. Even in the original Lost Halls 1.0, where its stats were much less strong, it still provided much more than Bracer overall; now that Lost Halls 2.0 has been out for a long time, its stats pretty much nullify Bracer as a ring entirely if your luck is good enough. Although, if you aren’t capable of doing Lost Halls efficiently or simply don’t have the luck to get an Omnipotence Ring, this ring is easily a good alternative to mitigate such.

That being said, it’s naive to not appreciate the beauty of obtaining one of the rarest general rings in the game, and putting it to good use as it specializes on DEF and ATT more than a flat 4+ boost on both. This still is one of the better rings to use, but it sees best usage on Paladins as they would enjoy a decent boost of DEF alongside a hefty taste of ATT. Rogues would also appreciate it as they have a mediocre ATT stat compared to his Dagger weilding brethren. For the few classes that don’t like these stats? It would have to be Assassin, as they require more MP and SPD than anything else, which is where Gemstone would shine for them. Knights have a lot of DEF as it is and would appreciate something that bolsters HP or their MP more than a flat 60 on each. Warriors can enjoy the stats, but ATT is redundant and they’re also better off with the Forgotten Crown since Dex gets boosted to sky-high levels with their Helms.

This ring is extremely rare to obtain and requires careful judgement on who you equip it on, as losing it means waiting a very long time to obtain another one. It may come from only the first boss of the Shatters, but it’s still very rare and hard to come by.

Before Release X33.1.0, this item had a Feed Power of 500.

Humorously, despite its name being Bracer of the Guardian, it resembles a gauntlet much more closely, as bracers lack fingertips at the end.

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Bracer of the GuardianUT. Bracer of the Guardian
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