Battalion Banner

Battalion Banner The battle standard of Beisa’s forces, a sign of triumph for Oryx and calamity for those he faces.

Tier UT
On Equip +90 HP, +4 SPD, +4 DEX
Reactive Proc On Ability Use: Summons a banner which deals 400-600 damage each second within 6 tiles and grants Sword Damaging to players within 3 tiles.
Duration: 4 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damaging Duration: 0.6
Damaging Cooldown: 0.2
XP Bonus 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,000
Forging Cost 60 Legendary Material / 160 Rare Material / 180 Common Material / 1560 Forgefire / 1 Oryx's Sanctuary UTs UT(s)
Dismantling Value 15 Legendary Material / 40 Rare Material / 45 Common Material

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Chief Beisa

Blueprint Battalion Blueprint
Drops From Chief Beisa
Obtained Through The Tinkerer (50x Ancient Schematic)

Identical in stats to the Oryxmas Ornament: Exposed, this accessory also places a banner that grants Sword Damaging in its radius. This is a significant buff towards damage outupt.

This item shines in solo play, or in small groups without another source of Damaging. However, this is a poor ring in larger groups: the banner proc is redundant when Paladins are around, and the ring’s actual stats are middling. In addition, for fights where you need to move around (such as Oryx 3 or Beisa himself), it can be difficult to actually take advantage of the banner. If you already have a source of Damaging, it is recommended to use another ring like the Omnipotence Ring or Divine Coronation instead.

The summoned banner has the same sprite as the item itself.

Before Exalt Version (May 2021), this item had a Damaging duration and cooldown of 1 second.

The name may be a derived from two banner items from Team Fortress 2, those being the Battalion’s Backup and the Buff Banner. Additionally, the latter shares the characteristic of granting teammates increased damage.

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