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Divine Coronation

Divine Coronation A majestic crown of the venerated, bestowed upon Archbishop Leucoryx to solidify his position in Oryx’s legion.

Tier UT
On Equip +110 HP, +55 MP, +8 DEX, +5 DEF
XP Bonus 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,000
Forging Cost 180 Common Material / 160 Rare Material / 60 Legendary Material

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Archbishop Leucoryx

This rare and powerful accessory provides a nice array of bonuses to both offensive and defensive stats. It can be considered a more offensive version of the Bracer of the Guardian, increasing DEX by 8 instead of ATT by 4 while granting 20 more HP for the tradeoff of 25 less MP and 4 less DEF. This makes it a strong alternative to other top-tier rings such as the Forgotten Crown, Omnipotence Ring, or Exalted God’s Horn.

Overall, the Coronation makes for a well-balanced and potent choice for just about any class, and is very effective as a general use ring, provided you’re lucky enough to have one.

Before Exalt Version (May 2021), this item’s stats were: +90 HP, +40 MP, +8 DEX, +5 DEF.

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Divine CoronationUT. Divine Coronation
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