Spider Den

Last updated: 27.7.X12
Spider Den
Difficulty: 1

The Spider Den is an easy, low-level Dungeon designed for novice players. Monsters have relatively low health and don’t deal too much damage. However, enemy quantity in this dungeon is significant. Thus, this is a dungeon recommended for mid-level characters between level 5-10.

Entrances to the Spider Den are dropped by Cyclops Gods, Ghost Kings, Urgles, Werelions and Undead Dwarf Warriors.


Spider Den KeyThe Spider Den Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.

See the Spider Den Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • This dungeon has to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.
The Realm Eye says:
Arachna the Spider Queen dug out massive dirt tunnels to house her thousands of children until maturity.
Her offspring may be weak, but their strength in numbers is enough to deter most other monsters that would seek to intrude on her turf.



Spider Den Layout
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Dungeon Boss

Arachna the Spider Queen

Arachna the Spider Queen
Arachna the Spider Queen is found in a large circular chamber. When players get near, she will create a large web that slows down players to make for easier targets.

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Drops of Interest

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This dungeon can be notorious for causing lag on lower end computers similarly to an Urgle, due to the large number of spider hatchlings that can be alive. Try to avoid causing too many to spawn if you suffer from a lower end PC.