Spider Den

Last updated: 27.7.X12
Spider Den
Difficulty: 1

The Spider Den is a low-level dungeon, but can prove difficult to lower-level players if the enemies group together and strike as one. However, monsters in this dungeon have relatively low health, so they shouldn’t be too much trouble to dispatch. This dungeon is intended for low-medium level players (Suggested Level: 5-10).

This dungeon can generate lag for many players; either by overloading the dungeon with green spiders, or by fighting Arachna, whose web is similar to the laggy matrix generated by the Urgle.

Entrances to the Spider Den are dropped by Cyclops Gods, Orc Kings, Urgles, Werelions and Undead Dwarf Warriors.


Spider Den KeyThe Spider Den Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Spider Den Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • While you are doing the Dungeon it is wise to avoid hatching the green hatchlings.
  • Trickster’s decoy will hatch the eggs, so be careful.
  • There a much harder version of the Spider Den known as the The Crawling Depths





Spider Den Layout

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Screenshot of the Spider Den:


Boss Room:





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Dungeon Boss:

Arachna the Spider Queen

The queen of all spiders, the Hatchlings are clearly her heirs. While she looks threatening, she really isn’t much of a problem if you clear out the hatchlings first. It is also important to note that the white lines that Arachna makes using white orbs does not harm the player; instead it is a web thread that slows players down to make for easy targets.