Forest Maze

Last updated: 27.7.X12
Forest Maze
Difficulty: 1

The Forest Maze is an very low-level dungeon designed for weak (level 3+) characters. Enemies and the boss have low health and damage output but are slightly more threatening than those in the Pirate Cave.

This dungeon is one of two sources for Speed Sprouts but does not drop any unique untiered or set tier items.

Entrances to the Forest Maze are dropped from Goblin Mages, Elf Wizards, Hobbit Mages, Dwarf Kings, Drake Babies and Enraged Bunnies.

This dungeon does not need to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.

The dungeon has a much more difficult version called the Woodland Labyrinth.

The Realm Eye says:
Unlike most other landmarks in the realm’s lowlands, the Forest Maze was not discovered for many years.
This allowed time for the creatures within to grow to monstrous sizes while lost goblins honed their combat abilities.
The monsters lure in adventurers with the fabled speed-enhancing plants found in the forest, hoping to slay them and steal their armor.


Forest Maze KeyThe Forest Maze Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Forest Maze Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.



As the name imples, the dungeon consists of a series of rooms in a dense forest. Each room is a randomly chosen premade setpiece, but the layout is procedurally generated. Rooms have grassy floor tiles with occasionally exposed dirt and a dense network of trees serving as the “walls”. Players can move between rooms in dark pathways between the trees. These pathways are not visible on the minimap but can be seen as an opening within the trees if the player rotates the camera.

Example Layout


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Mama Megamoth

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Mama Megamoth is the boss of the Forest Maze. She is found in a large grassy room that will always have dirt in the center. She will be surrounded by Mini Megamoths.

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Drops of Interest

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There currently is a glitch with the Mama Megamoth and the Ultimate Squirrel that lets their sides clip through the layer of leaves. Here is a picture of the glitch with the Ultimate Squirrel:

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The dungeon was added in Build 13.2 and is the final dungeon developed by Willem before he left Kabam.

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