Mad God Mayhem

Last updated: X.28.0
Mad God Mayhem

The Mad God Mayhem is a boss rush dungeon introduced for Month of the Mad God 2018. It drops from the Spirit of Oryx, the final boss of the Oryx Horde. The dungeon is a source of special UT items and a number of vanity weapons.

Note that the dungeon intentionally lacks a difficulty rating.


Mad God Mayhem Key The Mad God Mayhem Key is not sold by itself in the Nexus. It is mainly obtained from certain Tinkerer quests.

The Realm Eye says:
To lure adventurers into the chamber of his special creation, Oryx constructed simulacrums of past foes with the enticing offer of three mighty abilities.
The enemies are nothing more than the mirror images of the monsters they represent, but like Oryx’s own simulacrum, the threat they pose is very real.


The Dungeon

This dungeon is a boss rush dungeon that has four bosses, all added by Deca, fought in succession. Upon first entering the dungeon, all players will spawn in a starting room. Shortly afterwards, a portal to the first chamber will appear. Upon killing the boss of the chamber, a portal to the next will appear.

The Chambers are as follows:

The bosses seem to be able to drop their respective tiered loot, with some of the special dungeon-exclusive drops (as well as top-tier weapons and armor) added to their drop tables. They seem to be unable to drop things like Marks, Consumables (including Stat Potions), and UT items that aren’t specifically from the dungeon.

The fourth boss will always be the Decaract, a special variant of the Pentaract consisting of 10 Pentaract Towers that must be killed in order to summon the “main” tower, a further developed Pentaract Tower Ultra.


Mayhem Layouts

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Using piercing weapons to deal with the Eyes quickly can make the fight go much smoother. Rogues can also use their Cloak to evade all of the bullets, though they must be wary of any Eyes left unchecked once they uncloak.
If at any point you get Sickened while below half HP, Nexus. Unless there is a purifying Priest nearby, you can be easily surprised by a horde of Eyes that can rip you apart in seconds.

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Drops of Interest

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