Lost Golem Set

Lost Golem
Special Themed Set for: Trickster
Items Drop from:
Carved Golem Remains: Agonized Titan
Brain of the Golem: Marble Colossus
Golem Garments: Tormented Golem
Rusty Cuffs: Golem of Anger

Set Additional Bonus: +40 HP, +3 DEF, +15 VIT, +6 ATT, +5 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus: Wearing the entire Lost Golem set will grant in total:
+80 HP, +8 ATT, +22 DEF, +5 SPD, +3 DEX, +27 VIT

Lost Golem Set is the ninth special themed set to be released.

The set drops from various enemies in the Lost Halls.

Wearing the full set transforms the trickster player into a 16x16 sprite and changes the weapon’s shot.

The set confers additional stat bonuses when all the items are worn together.