Skuld 2 The ReGhostening Set

Skuld 2 The ReGhostening
Special Themed Set for: Rogue
Themed on: Ghost of Skuld
2nd Piece Bonus: +4 WIS, +4 DEX
3rd Piece Bonus: +30 MP, +4 ATT
4th Piece Bonus: +80 HP, +5 DEX, +5 ATT
Subtotal of Bonuses: +80 HP, +30 MP, +9 ATT, +9 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus: +80 HP, +180 MP, +9 ATT, +12 DEF, +2 SPD, +11 DEX, +2 VIT, +9 WIS
Items Drop from:
Etherite Dagger: Grave Caretaker, Ghost of Skuld
Ghastly Drape: Pumpkin King, Ghost of Skuld
Mantle of Skuld: Ghost Bride, Ghost of Skuld
Spectral Ring of Horrors: Troll Matriarch, Ghost of Skuld

Skuld 2 The ReGhostening Set was the fourth special themed set to be released. The items have previously been made available via the Alchemist, but were later added as drops from bosses in the Haunted Cemetery dungeon.

The set confers additional stat bonuses when at least two of the items are worn together. Wearing the full set transforms the rogue player into a 16x16 Ghost of Skuld sprite and changes the weapon’s shot to appear larger when attacking.