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Midnight Star

Midnight Star A legendary shuriken that absorbs the light around it.

Tier: UT

While Key Held:

  • MP Cost: 10 MP/sec.
  • Effect: Speedy on self

When Key Released:

  • MP Cost: 90
  • Damage: 300-600 (450) (5 dmg/MP)
  • Effect: Paralyze for 4 seconds
  • Projectile Speed: 15
  • Range: 15

Fame Bonus: 6%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 850

Shots pass through obstacles.

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Ivory Wyvern

An extremely rare shuriken highly sought after by Ninja players, it trades off much of its damage in exchange for the ability to Paralyze targets for 4 seconds, which is longer than any other ability can manage to do. This unique ability creates a whole new level of strategy for Ninja, as paralyzing key enemies and then cutting them down can be devastating, although unlike Archer’s Quiver, careful aim is required as the star doesn’t pierce. In addition, compared to the T6 Shuriken, it costs 10 less mana to use.

However, due to this ability doing significantly lower damage (about as much as a T3 Silver Star), it is recommended to carry another tiered star, like Doom Circle to swap to after paralyzing the enemy, or when paralyzing is less important than doing damage.