Esben Necromancer Set

Themed Set for: Necromancer
Themed on: Esben the Unwilling
Overall Stat Bonus: +130 HP, +60 MP, +19 ATT, +6 DEF
Soulbound: Soulbound
Items Drop from:
Weapon, Ability Item: Esben the Unwilling
Armor, Ring: Currently only available as a reward for completing quests in RIFTS mode

The Esben Necromancer Set is comprised of a mixture of long-released items – the staff and skull have been in the game since December 2013, and brand new items – the robe and ring are currently only available in Original mode by completing quests in RIFTS mode.

The set is very focused on slowing enemies (the skull does slow, and the robe has a 10% chance to slow when the player takes damage).

It is not a strong defensive set, being similar to wearing only the tier 5 Robe of the Conjurer (+6 DEF) with a Ring of Exalted Health (+140 HP) although the healing power of the skull offsets this somewhat.

The potential offensive power is high, as it will give a maxed Necromancer 94 ATT, and the staff’s projectiles are able to hit multiple enemies, but the shot pattern makes it difficult to make the most of this power.