Esben Necromancer Set

Themed Set for: Necromancer
Themed on: Esben the Unwilling
Overall Stat Bonus: +130 HP, +60 MP, +19 ATT, +6 DEF
Soulbound: Soulbound
Items Drop from:
Esben the Unwilling
The armor and ring was a reward for completing quests in RIFTS mode

The Esben Necromancer Set is comprised of a mixture of long-released items – the staff and skull have been in the game since December 2013, and brand new items – the robe and ring were first available in Original mode by completing quests in RIFTS mode and have later been added as a drop to Esben the Unwilling

The set is very focused on slowing enemies (the skull does slow, and the robe has a 10% chance to slow when the player takes damage).

It is not a strong defensive set, being similar to wearing only the tier 5 Robe of the Conjurer (+6 DEF) with a Ring of Exalted Health (+140 HP) although the healing power of the skull offsets this somewhat.

The potential offensive power is high, as it will give a maxed Necromancer 94 ATT, and the staff’s projectiles are able to hit multiple enemies, but the shot pattern makes it difficult to make the most of this power.