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Legacy Ghastly Drape

Legacy Ghastly Drape Woven from the skin of a ghast, it cannot be seen…except by the user.

Tier: ST (Limited)
MP Cost: 110
Effect: Invisible for 5.5 seconds and Green Up Arrow Speedy for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 6.5 seconds
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 500

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag


In comparison to the Cloak of the Planewalker, this cloak is better suited for small dungeons such as the Undead Lair where there isn’t much range to teleport, but will not limit the effects of this cloak’s Speedy buff. Obviously, if you would rather not spend 15/25 more Mana for your invisibility, you always have the option of the tiered cloaks.


This item was released via The Alchemist and was later added as a drop. It used to drop in a cyan bag before the addition of orange bags in Patch X.18.0.
In Patch X.32.1.0, all existing Ghastly Drapes were turned into Legacy Ghastly Drapes.