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Cloak of Endless Twilight

Cloak of Endless Twilight
Cloak of Endless Twilight: A powerful cloak woven from the shadows of twilight.

Tier: 5
MP Cost: 85
Duration: 5.5 seconds
Cooldown: 6.5 seconds
Stat Bonus: +4 DEX, +5 SPD
Fame Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 185

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Oryx the Mad God
Oryx the Mad God 2
Skull Shrine
Cube God
Septavius the Ghost God
Limon the Sprite Goddess
Lord of the Lost Lands
Ghost of Skuld

Added in Build 108, it was mistakenly given the same stats as Cloak of the Red Agent and was fixed in Build 109.

To chain cloak your rogue, you need at least a level 72 magic heal pet (9.97/s). A level 70 magic heal pet will generate enough magic to cloak many times, but losing 6 mana each time (8.68/s). Assuming you have a maxed rogue, these stats will be correct.