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Lethargic Sentience

Lethargic Sentience Fruitpocalypse
Lethargic Sentience: Created by a lonely Sorcerer. This sentient eye doesn’t make a very good friend. It does, however, make fruit. Rarity: Rare, I guess

Tier: Untiered (Limited)
Shots: 4
Damage: 20-40 (Average: 30)
Projectile Speed: 1.25
Range: 3.8
Rate of Fire: 25%
Effect: Passes through obstacles.
Feed Power: 145

Notes: This item used to only be obtainable by crafting during the 2014 Steam Summer Sale or by trading with other players. However, as of Patch X.28.0.0, it is also one of the possible drops from the Mad God Mayhem bosses.
The firing pattern of this wand is identical to that of the Wand of the Bulwark. If the weapon is fired by a character with 31 Dexterity, one will be able to have 3 shots going on at the same time, and at the exact moment the first shot ends, the fourth one is fired.

This wand has no real practical use, as it is a vanity item. With a measly 30 average damage, it does less damage than the T0 Fire Wand with all the shots hitting. If a player has this item, it will likely only be used for showing off.