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Mad God's Messenger Set

Mad God's Messenger Priest
Class Priest
Themed on Unknown
Obtained from Mystery Priest ST Crate
2nd Piece Bonus +2 DEX, +2 ATT
3rd Piece Bonus +3 DEX, +3 ATT
4th Piece Bonus +100 HP, +10 DEX, +10 ATT
Subtotal of Bonuses +100 HP, +60 MP, +3 DEF, +13 SPD, +13 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus +160 HP, +20 MP, +14 ATT, +18 DEF, +13 DEX, -8 VIT, +5 WIS
Total Fame Bonus 16%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Release X32.2.1

The Mad God’s Messenger Set is the eighteenth special themed set to be released.