Mad God's Messenger Set

Mad God's Messenger Priest
Set Generation
Class Priest
Themed on Messengers of Oryx
Drops From Janus the Doorwarden (Theurgy Wand)
Oryx the Mad God (Ceremonial Merlot)
Stone Guardians, Suit of Armor (Anointed Robe)
Brute of Oryx, Commander of Oryx (Ring of Pagan Favor)
Mighty Quest Chest (Theurgy Wand / Ceremonial Merlot / Anointed Robe /Ring of Pagan Favor)
Obtained Through Mystery Priest ST Crate
Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +2 DEX, +2 ATT
3rd Piece Bonus +3 DEX, +3 ATT
4th Piece Bonus +100 HP, +5 DEX, +5 ATT
Subtotal of Bonuses +100 HP, +10 ATT, +10 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus +160 HP, +20 MP, +14 ATT, +18 DEF, +13 DEX, -8 VIT, +7 WIS
Final Stats at 8/8 830 HP, 405 MP, 64 ATT, 43 DEF, 55 SPD, 68 DEX, 32 VIT, 82 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.32.2.1 (Nov 2019)

The Mad God’s Messenger Set was the eighteenth special themed set to be released.

This set offers a clear increase on the infamously small Priest damage output .A priest with WC tops and a Ring of the Pyramid would have 790 HP, 460 MP, 58 ATT, 42 DEF, 55 SPD, 55 DEX, 46 VIT, 81 WIS, making for a DPS of 1586-1210 (0-60 DEF). This set instead offers 2517-1851 DPS, further boosted to 3082-2417 when under the influence of the tome’s ATT↑ ATT boost (+20 ATT). It even surpasses a Wizard with WC tops, while retaining piercing.

The cost comes from the various quirks of the set itself. The wand fires two wavy shots with a decreased range of 7.5 tiles (true range of 5.72), and the ability swaps Red Cross Healing for DEF↓ DEF decrease (-5 DEF) and ATT↑ ATT boost (+20 ATT), in addition to providing terrible healing (with a high MP cost). The Tome also gives a 1% chance to become Wine Bottle Drunk for 2 seconds after taking at least 50 damage. While the Wine Bottle Drunk effect does not often come into play, the surprise lag it brings can be a significant risk to your survival. Finally, the lack of VIT and small WIS further reduce the healing you’ll get. All this adds up to a set that is fairly dangerous, yet highly effective.

This set’s art and concept appears to be based off of unused sprites for an unreleased ST set from the Kabam era:

The set is apparently themed after the Messengers of Oryx enemies, although the enemies were added months after the release of this set.