Staff of Iceblast

Staff of Iceblast Iceblast Missile
Staff of Iceblast: A frozen staff, used for creating powerful chilly blasts around the user. Thanks to: Poshun

Tier: Untiered
Shots: 10 (324°)
Damage: 80-95 (Average: 87.5 / Total Damage: 875)
Projectile Speed: 11
Lifetime: 0.364 seconds
Range: 4.004
Amplitude: 0.15
Frequency: 2
Rate of Fire: 40%
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 600

Drops From:
Limon the Sprite God

This is a reskin of the Staff of Extreme Prejudice released during patch 27.7.x10.2. It dropped from the same place as its unskinned version and is currently unobtainable as of 27.7.x12.1.

The Staff of Iceblast, as a reskin of the Staff of Extreme Prejudice should be used like you would use the EP (Extreme Prejudice), sitting with precision on things that you can sit on like test chests and Tomb Sarcophagi.