Staff of Necrotic Arcana

Staff of Necrotic Arcana Grey Missile A golden staff imbued with the powers of death magic.

Tier 9
Shots 2
Damage 50–95 (average: 72.5)
Projectile Speed 18 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.475 seconds
Range 8.55 tiles
Amplitude 0.5 tile(s)
Frequency 2 cycle(s)/shot
XP Bonus 3%
Feed Power 109
Base Reroll Cost 15 Green Dust

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2021), this item had a feed power of 145.

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2022), this item had a 2% XP bonus.

The Realm Eye says:
Yes, I do have some pages on the Staff of Necrotic Arcana.
Gold is an excellent material for staff hilts, though rare and hard to maintain.
Crystals potent with death magic, like these staves boast, would easily destroy most wooden staves with a single cast.